Chittara drawings are intricate patterns, that represent the auspicious
ceremony and rituals of life, symbolized in geometric patterns.

Center for Revival of Indigenous Art (CFRIA)

CFRIA is a voluntary non profit Organization that is committed towards preserving and reviving Indigenous Art practices in India. Most significantly, the center is concerned with upliftment of the Artist community whilst safeguarding the Socio-Cultural and Ecological aspects of this practice, that mutually benefit them and the environment that surrounds them. Its aim is to revive, preserve and support declining indigenous art practices concerned with the economic regeneration of the Artist community.

The center plans to achieve this objective by educating the artisans and the younger generation about the values of their contribution, creating opportunities to further aesthetic understanding and to foster for the continuity of their tradition.

Currently, CFRIA is working towards two indigenous art practices. Chittara which is a social cultural practice done on the walls of the houses, primarily during marriage ceremonies, and ritualistic purposes. Manikyamala is an ancient Art form of making exquiste garland made of fresh flowers.

How can you help?

Kindly send your contributions to:

Center for Revival of Indigenous Art
452,1st floor,3rd cross, Wilson Garden
Bangalore 560027, Karnataka, India

Contributions are exempt under 12A